ICM 2014   Satellite Conference on
Integral Quadratic Forms and Related Topics

Date : Aug. 7(Thu) ~ Aug. 11(Mon)

Venue : Hyundai Hotel, Sapphire Hall , Gyeongju, Korea

This is one of the ICM 2014 satellite conferences. The focus of this conference is on arithmetic theory of integral quadratic forms and lattices and related topics. The modern theory of quadratic forms has connections with a broad spectrum of mathematical areas including number theory, geometry, and combinatorics. This conference will bring people up-to-date on research and open problems in representation theory of integral quadratic forms and structural theory of lattices.

Financial Support

At this moment, we are able to cover the accomodation from August 6th(arrival day) to August 12th(departure day) for all invited participants.


1. Wai Kiu CHAN (Wesleyan University)

2. Myung-Hwan KIM (Seoul National University)

3. Byeong-Kweon OH (Seoul National University)

4. Rudolf SCHARLAU (Dortmund University)

5. Rainer SCHULZE-PILLOT (Saarland University)

Contact : Byeong-Kweon OH (bkoh at snu.ac.kr)